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See how Ancestral Logs works in this demonstration of a mother and son working together to find family records at a beginner level.

For an in depth demonstration of Ancestral Logs, watch this video of a presentation to Truckee Community College:

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How to add family members to your research team

This short video shows where to add family members to your team in Ancestral Logs, whether they are current subscribers or not. Invitations for them to join your team are automatically sent out.

How to upload a GEDCOM file to Ancestral Logs

Get your GEDCOM file downloaded from your current program and follow these instructions to upload it to Ancestral Logs for an easy start to researching your family. Or there is always the hand enter option, but why when GEDCOM files are so much easier!

Assigning tasks to your research team, or to yourself

Perhaps you have many cousins that are already researching your family history. Here you can assign the research tasks to different people and track their progress.