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25-27 February, 2021


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Duplicating efforts in genealogy research is a waste of time and money. We will discuss how to find other people working on your family tree and how the Ancestral Logs website can help you coordinate working together.

Research logs, or your research notes, are vital to effective research. Learn what is needed in your logs, why you need to write them, and how to complete a research log on the Ancestral Logs website as you work together with your family.

Every time you go online, you are entering the virtual world of cyberspace. Hackers treat this virtual environment as their playground. When you go online, you are in their territory and in the game whether you want to play or not.

What constitutes a memory? And how do you record it in a way that lasts for generations? The answer is part of what you record, part of how you record it, and part of how you preserve the record.